What is the best time of year to move? The Do’s and Don’ts of when to move

What is the best time of year to move?

This is a question that has to be answered very objectively because everyone has different requirements of when the best time to move is. If you know you are going to move sometime within the next year but are flexible about the actual date, consider the following so you time it just right.

The best time of year to move regarding price:

Ask any realtor and they will tell you that the cheapest time to move during the year is their low season, or the time of year that they receive the least business. This time typically falls over the winter between the months of December and March.

There isn’t really an average of how much less a property is in the off-season so it could be a great deal or a minimal difference. Ask how much the apartment would be if you waited until May. Even if the price difference doesn’t sound that significant up front, saving $50 on rent per month will save you an extra $600 over the year! It’s definitely worth looking into if you are trying to save.

The best time of year to move regarding your lease:

For the reasons listed above, the winter is also the season you are most likely going to successfully negotiate an unusual lease. Landlords want their leases to run out in the busy season so if you are looking for something more temporary than a full year lease, your best bet is to ask for something that will run out in May or June.

The best time of year to move regarding weather:

This one is a little easier to answer in a general sense since everyone knows what sort of temperature they can be most productive in but the safest bet is either in Spring or Fall. Your body temperature is going to rise while moving in all of your stuff, so keep that in mind. A date in April might be better than late May so you don’t overheat. The winter, as stated above, might save you some money but keep in mind that you might be carrying your sofa over a slippery mess of ice or snow.

The best day of the week to move regarding help:

Unless you are Superman, it’s nearly impossible to pull off a major move into a new home without some help. Moving on a weekend will make it likelier that you can round up some friends (and free help!). This is the time that most people move though so you might run into some moving traffic.

Some buildings do not allow major moves to take place on Sundays, so find that out before you show up with your moving truck. A moving company might give you a better deal though if you give them business on a slow day, some time between Monday and Thursday and since the company is less busy, you’ll be able to get more hired hands.

The best days to move regarding neighbors:

Most people are moving in an out the last and first week of every month. If you can push your move to the second or third weekend of the month you will avoid much hassle and moving traffic. If you are moving into a college town find out when the school or schools in the area start and avoid that surrounding week if possible.

Moving in when your new neighbors are home will increase your chances of meeting and getting to know them, so a weekend afternoon would be good for this. But moving very early in the morning will allow you to finish up quicker and will allow you to avoid your neighbors.

So depending on if you have a tight hold on your wallet, a love for meeting new people, or a strong distaste for clusters and chaos, envision how the perfect move would go and employ these tips and strategies to make the big day as smooth as possible.

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